Relatives of Henry Adams.

Samuel Streeter

--- 1st Generation ---

1. Samuel1 Streeter Bapt. Jan. 7, 1699-70 at Cambridge, Massachusetts. A constable was sent to Framingham in 1719/20 to charge Samuel and Experience with 'fornication and having a bastard child but they had left and were not found to be charged.' Yet apparently they were a respectable couple and family, for he and Experience were members of the church at Framingham where they covenanted May 14, 1721. Moved to Hopkinton 1742. Dismissed from the church at Hopkinton to Sutton church in 1745 per 'Streeter Family', by M.B. Streeter, 1896. Had 51 acres in Hopkinton at the corner of Clinton and Olive Streets. In 1754 joined the petition to the governor to form Charlton township. At the first town meeting in 1755 he was elected tythingman, and Samuel, Jr. was appointed one of the 'surveyors of highways'. Another child, Alexander Streator, bapt. June 7, 1747 in Hopkinton is probably a son of Samuel and Experience. See births, Hopkinton VR. Reference: 740. He was christened on 7 January 1699 at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. He married an unknown person on 27 July 1719 at Framingham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. He died on 7 June 1763 at Charlton, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, at age 64.

--- 2nd Generation ---

2. Samuel2 Streeter (see above)

3. Deborah2 Kibbe (see above)

--- 3rd Generation ---

4. Stephen3 Streeter (see above)

5. Deborah3 Smith (see above)

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