Relatives of Henry Adams.

Samuel Adams

--- 1st Generation ---

1. Samuel1 Adams Often referred to as Sam Adams, 'The Patriot,' and prominent in events of the Revolution. A signer of the Declaration of Independence. In 1748, Adams was given the responsibility of managing the family's affairs. In October 1749, he married Elizabeth Checkley, his pastor's daughter. Elizabeth gave birth to six children over the next seven years, but only two—Samuel (born 1751) and Hannah (born 1756)—would live to adulthood. In July 1757, Elizabeth died soon after giving birth to a stillborn son. Adams would remarry in 1764, to Elizabeth Wells, but would have no other children. He was born on 27 September 1722 at Boston, Massachusetts. He died on 2 October 1803 at age 81.

--- 2nd Generation ---

2. Samuel2 Adams (see above)

3. Mary2 Fyfield

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