Relatives of Henry Adams.

Abigail Adams

--- 1st Generation ---

1. Abigail1 Adams Died very young. She was born on 25 January 1675.

--- 2nd Generation ---

2. Edward2 Adams was born at Kingweston, Somersetshire, England. He Settled in Medfield, Massachusetts. His will names a son Eliashib who died before 1715; perhaps this son was by his second wife. He was much employed in public duties. Selectman for many years. He was christened on 19 April 1629 at Kingweston, Somersetshire, England. He married Lydia Penniman circa 1652 at Massachusetts. He married Abigail Craft, daughter of Griffin Craft, on 7 December 1678 at Dedham, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Taylor on 6 January 1709/10 at Medfield, Massachusetts. He died on 12 November 1716 at Medfield, Massachusetts.

3. Lydia2 Penniman. Her married name was Adams. She We note that a James and Lydia Penniman, of Widford, Essex Co., England, arrived with the Winthrop fleet of 1630, and settled in Boston. These may have been Lydia's parents. She was christened on 22 February 1634/35 at Boston, Massachusetts. She married Edward Adams, son of Henry Adams and Edith Squire, circa 1652 at Massachusetts. She died on 3 March 1676 at Medfield, Massachusetts, at age 41.

--- 3rd Generation ---

4. Henry3 Adams (see above)

5. Edith3 Squire (see above)

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