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  • 1849 Affidavit
  • 1861 CW Letter
Mexican War Pension Application Document

I Eli Roberts of Leon County Texas, late a private in Captain James Gillaspie's Company C. in the first regiment of Texas mounted Vols. commanded by Col. James C. Hays in the Campaign of 1846 against Mexico, do hereby appoint Henderson Yoakum my attorney in fact for me and in my name to ask and request of and from the proper authorities of Washington City whatever Treasury Script I am entitled to have in pursuance of the provisions of the 9th section of the act approved 11 February 1847 entitled "an act to raise for a limited period an additional military force and for other purposes", and to request for the issue, and to do all other things necessary in the promises given under my hand and seal this 8th day of January 1849 Eli Roberts

Attest Wm Kergivin W.B. Middleton

The State of Texas Leon County

I John H. Potts clerk of the county court of said Leon County, do certify that William Kergivin who has attested the foregoing affidavit of Eli Roberts is and was at the time of attesting the same a Justice of the Peace for our said county duly elected and qualified, and that the signature purporting to be his is genuine. I do further certify that Eli Roberts above named, this day personally appeared before me and acknowledged that he executed the foregoing power of attorney to H. Yoakum for the purpose & consideration therein named. The testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal of office This 8th day of January 1849 John H. Potts

Clerk of Leon County Court


1861 Civil War Letter from Robert Hurley to his wife Martha

1861 Civil War letter from Robert Hurley to his wife Martha Pg2

Sunday Oct 20 Camp Butler, Ill

Dear Martha, I take the present moment to write you a few lines. Our regiment marched out in the country about two miles to hear the renowned Peter Cartwright preach. I had the pleasure of hearing him and I suppose from what I heard him say, that this is but one such preacher as he is in this world. He is witty and what I call an odd genius, his text was selected from the ninth chapter of Matthew 37, 38 verses, he remarked that that was his text but he should not stick very close to it, and he kept his promise. He gave us a short account of his life in the west, and then as a matter of course as the soldiers composed nine tenths of his congregation he branched off on the state of the Union. I learned by him that he was Chaplain to General Jackson's command, at one time he told us also he was a democrat dyed in the wool. He gave us great encouragement to go on and assured us that our cause was just and demolished the argument of traitors, that the southerners occupy the same relation to our government that our fathers did to England. He gave us one of the reasons that he wanted the government sustained, that it was the best government in the world and our fathers gave it to us, and he had seven living children and forty five grandchildren, seventeen great grandchildren and a whole regiment coming on. These were his own words concerning his family, I will give you his opinion of Mrs. Beauregard, he says he spent one month in New York last winter and that he was introduced to the General's lady among other distinguished southern lady's that were sent there to be out of danger. He says that he read Beauregard's proclamation and that in it he stated the object of our troops to be booty and beauty, well, said the old preacher, if that is the case and I am any judge of beauty Mrs. Beauregard is out of all danger. God knows again, he remarked, that he would give five hundred dollars for Jeff Davis's head, he said he would stick it on a pole and keep it there as a terror to all future traitors. Some of the ladies admire him but I think they make up their opinion of him more from what they have read and heard of him than from what we heard yesterday, he makes use of to ruff language to be very much of an orator. ??? I want you to write to me and let me know if you got the fodder saved and how the things are doing. I think you had better sell all the calves except for Pinkeys, but you must do the best you can, if the same cow will do for beef you had better have her beefed. Let me know if George has got home or what has become of him. Tell Eddy his da would like to nurse him a while and see if he has grown any, tell him to learn to talk plain and if I live I will be home soon as to chat with him. I am good health at this time. R Hurley to Martha Hurley

1861 Civil War Letter from Robert Hurley to his wife Martha Pg3

1861 Civil War Letter from Robert Hurley to his wife Martha Pg4